Where Goes the Mencken House?


On Saturday, September 10, 2016, the Mencken Society held its annual meeting at France Hall of the Maryland Historical Society (MdHS), 201 W Monument St, not the Enoch Pratt Library as usual. The change of location was a temporary due to renovation work being done at the Pratt Library.

Jeffrey Buchheit, Executive Director, Baltimore National Heritage Area (BNHA), presented the goals of the BNHA which included the Mencken House’s “Very Bright Future.” Renovation of the House is to begin December 2017 and conclude August 2018. The House is to be officially reopened on September 12, 2018.

A common motif in the world’s folklore is the “sleeing hero”, a champion who is deeply hibernating until such time as extraordinarily perilous circumstances cause him to awaken and rise up to save his nation.

The Friends, far more modest in their ambitions, will be the sleeping hero of the Mencken House. They will keep tabs on what is and will be going on with the house and will work to ensure that progress follows the correct path.